During the holidays, electronics are one of the biggest selling items. Major corporations, like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, introduce new products towards the end of summer, and early fall, to get consumers to buy these items for Christmas. Most major retailers offer huge savings on popular tech products during buyer’s’ holidays, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These savings offer major discounts that can include savings of 50 percent or more off the original price. We know such a huge price reduction can be tempting, but you can save even more with the right tips and tricks. To help you get the hottest tech item this holiday season, we composed a list of five ways to save on electronics.

Set the Budget

Establish a price range and only focus on products within that budget. This keeps you from wasting time fantasizing about owning devices that are too expensive. It also makes you more strict when adding additional features and services. These add-ons often increase your product’s original price by a couple hundred dollars.

Buy Used

If you want a major discount, avoid trying to buy  the latest Apple products. However, if you want an Apple product this holiday season, buy an older model of an iPad or iPhone. Check eBay for a listing of used electronics. Narrow your search by being very specific about the model, condition, and price range.

In addition to eBay, Amazon and Best Buy sell used electronics. Amazon allows independent sellers to price and market their used items. Best Buy sells used products acquired through their trade-in program.

You can also find used electronics on Craigslist. However, to stay safe and avoid scammers, approach conversations with these sellers with caution and alertness.

Sign Up for a Reward Program

Best Buy and Amazon are two of the major electronic companies that offer reward programs. Amazon often offers exclusive prices on certain tech devices, but only for members of Amazon Prime. Best Buy lets customers earn points that can later be redeemed for a percentage off a product’s original price.

Microsoft also has a reward program through Bing. Acquire points by using the Bing search engine. If you earn enough, you can exchange them for Microsoft products, including gift cards, Microsoft gear, and Xbox games.

Daily Deal Sites

Groupon often offers daily electronic deals. These deals sometimes offer as much as 80 percent off an electronic product. Groupon often has deals that last all month, and also ones that are only available that day. Check the site often to grab the best deals on electronics.

Another one of our favorite daily deal sites is Newegg. The site specifically caters to discounted electronics. Newegg constantly changes its stock, so make sure to sign up for the emailing list to not miss out on major savings.

Use Coupons

Besides offering daily deals, Groupon has a coupon section. This section offers discount codes from many major electronic retailers. For example, Microsoft’s  Groupon page may show codes for saving 30 percent of your total purchase, $60 off Xbox One S, and a free year of Xbox live membership. All three of these options offer great savings for electronic lovers.

The coupons and deals change often, so make sure to search them daily before finalizing a purchase.