administrative lawThis course is an introduction to the law of the executive state—to the constitutional, statutory and decide-made guidelines governing what companies could do, the procedures they need to observe, and how they can be held to account. It is rather important because if it didn’t exist then the very idea of getting a democracy and a authorities to work for the people would be self defeating as a result of then there can be no accountability or accountability of the public officers to anyone and the administration would run arbitrarily thus creating an enormous monster that might eat up the very system.

In France the idea of a full hearing as a authorized requirement for administrative motion has been nearly unknown, though, starting in 1944, the Conseil d’État has held that a person has a proper to current a protection before an administrative penalty could also be imposed upon him—a right demanded by the general rules” of French administrative regulation.

This has led to an emphasis on procedural safeguards to make sure the correct exercise of administrative authority—an emphasis that found articulation in the Federal Administrative Procedure Act of 1946, which lays down the fundamental procedures to be adopted by American administrative companies.

In addition to masking the subjects just referred to, French works on the subject describe the varied forms of administrative companies (what they term the themes of rights” in administrative law); the train of and limitations upon administrative regulatory power; civil service law; the acquisition and management of property by the administration; public works; and the obligations of the administration (subdivided into contracts, quasi contracts, and tort legal responsibility).